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Product Designer

Web Design Collection

Dive into my web design world! This isn't just a collection – it's a window into my ability to craft user interfaces for diverse websites. Explore how I bring a versatile approaches to different projects, ensuring intuitive and engaging experiences for every user.

Tourism Website

Everest Guide Website

This website empowers aspiring Everest summiteers with the knowledge they need. It dives deep into climbing routes, outlining the gear climbers rely on, the training required, and the realities of high-altitude mountaineering. The design prioritizes clarity and information accessibility, utilizing visuals like maps, elevation profiles, and stunning photographs to bring the mountain's beauty and challenge to life.

Portfolio Website

Sarah Leu Personal Website

Sarah Leu's portfolio website is a striking digital gallery for a photographer artist based in NYC. The design prominently features bold red colors, creating a vibrant and dynamic visual experience. The layout is clean and intuitive, allowing the stunning photography to take center stage while maintaining a cohesive and modern aesthetic.

Investment Website

Shop Quotes Website

Shop Quotes is a dynamic and approachable website for a lender company that specializes in funding small ventures and emerging businesses in Australia. The design is contemporary and vibrant, reflecting the innovative spirit of its target audience. Information about funding options and application procedures is presented clearly, making it easy for entrepreneurs to navigate and access the resources they need. The aesthetic combines professionalism with a touch of creativity, inspiring confidence and support for up-and-coming businesses looking to grow and succeed.

Real Estate Website

Home Fin Website

Home Fin is a sleek and user-friendly website designed for the real estate market in Finland. Its clean and modern design simplifies the process of finding the perfect property.

Ridesharing Website

TimeRider Website

Time Rider is an innovative and user-centric rideshare app designed for specific regions in Australia, aiming to enhance traditional rideshare experiences with additional features like silent mode. The app's interface is sleek and modern, prioritizing ease of use and intuitive navigation. Vibrant graphics and clear icons guide users through the booking process, while informative sections highlight the unique features and benefits of the service.

Finance Website

Cloud Funding Website

Cloud Funding is a professional and streamlined website for a small lender company that specializes in funding real estate ventures. The design is modern and trustworthy, with a focus on clarity and ease of use.

Travel Website

Noor Trains

Noor Trains is a sophisticated and user-friendly website that enables users to book train travel across the country. The design is elegant and streamlined, providing a seamless booking experience from start to finish. Clear navigation menus and interactive elements guide users through the process of selecting routes, schedules, and ticket options. The aesthetic combines modernity with a touch of classic travel charm, reflecting the reliability and convenience of train travel. Overall, Noor Trains offers a visually appealing and efficient platform for planning and booking journeys.

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